PROTECT YOUR LG Mobile WITH OUR BEST Mobile Insurance Plan.

Get MAXIMUM benefits and a COMPLETE protection plan for your LG Mobile

✅ Broken, Cracked, Shattered Screens Covered.

✅ MotherBoard Damage & Malfunctions Covered.

✅ All Cameras, Sensors, Speakers Covered.

✅ Any Liquid Damage (Water, Tea, Beer!). Covered.

✅ Repair or replacement guaranteed. If we cant repair it in time, you get a Free Replacement.

✅ Theft, Stolen, Snatching, Robbery Etc. Covered.

✅ Get FREE Extended Warranty with LG Mobile Insurance Plan.

✅ 50% & 25% Refund In Case of NO CLAIM ( Only in 3 & 2 Year Plan).

✅ Cashless Protection with 6 Claims Per Year. Lowest Depreciation Of Only 10% Per Year.


Active LG Mobile Policies


Successful Claims


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Average Claims Per Day

LG Mobile Insurance - Save more then 50,000 INR per Year

TIMES Global Assurance Mobile Phone Insurance plan is a comprehensive plan to ensure your complete peace of mind. No matter where you are, this protection plan is applicable worldwide.

Get FREE Extended Warranty with LG Mobile Insurance Plan

Not only your LG Mobile get coverage against damages and theft but also you get FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY which is absolutely complementary with LG Mobile Insurance Plan.


World Wide coverage

No matter in which city you are, in which country you are travelling, your mobile Phone insurance plan works everywhere.


Fastest Claim Process

With network of in more then 2800 cities worldwide, we give 3 days repair/ replacement guaranteed, If not, get a new LG Mobile absolutely free.


Available for help 365x7

Need help or support? Call us at +91-7895-465847 or 1800-5477-5477. email us at


Only Authorised Service centers

All repairs and replacements are done from only Authorised service centers with bill and service report..


Instant Policy and Activation.

Get instant activation email and policy documents once you buy Mobile Insurance Plan from TIMES Global Assurance.


Why TIMES Global Assurance Mobile Insurance Plan

TIMES Global Assurance offers Mobile phone insurance for every Mobile. With Mobile insurance plan you can be rest assured that your Mobile will always be under protection. Be it screen damage, motherboard damage, Keyboard damage or theft/stolen of Mobile, Times Global Assurance has got you covered. Offering affordable plans for both, new and old Mobiles, Times Global Assurance has simplified Mobile insurance in India. We cover from Samsung Mobiles, one Plus, LG Google Pixel, Nokia and so on. With Times Global Assurance, when tragedy strikes, you will no longer be scared because you have Mobile insurance to deal with the problem for you.

Why Choose TIMES Global Assurance

Cover All Physical damages

Screen Crack, display damage, blank screen, liquid damages, sensor damage, camera damage, speakers damage etc.

Cover All Internal Malfunctions.

Coverage of all internal malfunctions and sudden breakdown. No matter how it damaged but its all covered.

Protection against Theft & Stolen.

Your Mobile is covered against all kind of theft and stolen cases, whether its robbery, snatching, burglary or pickpoceting.

3 Days Repair/Replacement Guarantee

Get Repairs/Replacements in just 3 days Else get a free replacement.

FREE Extended warranty.

In case of any Malfunctions or breakdown due to manufacturing default, you get a new replacement Mobile without a single question.

100% Cashless Insurance Plan.

We understand that, paying huge repair and replacement bill is sometime which you really want to avoid. No worries, your LG Mobile protection plan is 100% cashless.