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iPhone Protection Plan

  • 100% Cashless Insurance against all Accidental Damages/Water Spills or Screen Crack.
  • We Pay 90% of Invoice Bill or another iPhone on Mobile Stolen, Theft or Stolen anywhere in India.
  • zero-hassle claims and Best Customer Support.
  • A complete Global online platform.Coverage in India, USA, Australia, Europe & U.K.
  • 50% & 25% Premium Refund on NO CLAIM CASE Applicable only in 3 year & 2 year Insurance Plan.
  1. iPhone 7,7 Plus ₹ 4780/-

    For 12 Months

  2. iPhone 6,6S,6+,6S+ ₹ 3720/-

    For 12 Months

  3. iPhone SE,5S,5 ₹ 3300/-

    For 12 Months

  4. iPhone 7,7 Plus ₹ 6820/-

    For 24 Months

  5. iPhone 6,6S,6+,6S+ ₹ 5880/-

    For 24 Months

  6. iPhone SE,5S,5 ₹ 5160/-

    For 24 Months

  7. iPhone 7,7 Plus ₹ 8920/-

    For 36 Months

  8. iPhone 6,6S,6+,6S+ ₹ 7920/-

    For 36 Months

  9. iPhone SE,5S,5 ₹ 6120/-

    For 36 Months

WHAT DOES TIMES Global™ mobile Insurance COVER IN Stolen & THEFT?

  1. You're 10x more likely to
    break your phone than lose it
    or have it stolen.*

  2. But Stolen & theft coverage can
    cost twice as much as accident
    protection. That's up to ₹ 40,000 or
    more (fees plus deductible).

  3. In Our Plan, with free apps We not Only help you
    to find your phone if you lose it but also pay you for it.
    So why pay more?

*Based on Times Global's 2014 Accident Survey

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WHAT DOES TIMES Global™ Mobile Insurance COVER?

iPhones are expensive to repair, and the costs can add up quickly. Check out the average repair costs below to see how much you can save with TIMES Global™ Insurance Plans. We protect your iPhone against everyday accidents as well as common malfunctions even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and insure you against Stolen & theft.Remember warranty is not an insurance.

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  1. Here To Help, 24/7

    File a claim with TIMES Global™ Insurance online or over the phone. Our award-winning customer support is available on call or on e-mail.

  2. Fixed or Replaced Fast

    We'll Repair it fast when possible.

  3. Local Repair Option

    Need it fixed now? Take your device to a our local repair shop or our authorized dealer, pay for any repairs, and we'll reimburse you. Great when traveling (TIMES Global™ Insurance covers you anywhere in the world) or when you just can’t wait.However this option is available only after prior approval and discretion of TIMES Global Insurance.


  1. Phones Are Easy To Break

    Research shows that 1 in 3 iPhones die or get damaged. In India alone, a phone breaks in every 2 seconds.

  2. They're Expensive To Replace

    A new iPhone might cost only ₹ 6000 when purchased on emi basis, but replacing it will likely cost you up to ₹ 25,000 - ₹ 50,000 .

  3. Cases Aren't Enough

    No case gives you 100% protection from accidental damage. And even "waterproof" cases can't protect against malfunctions.


  1. How to buy online protection plan for my iPhone?

    You can buy online protection plan for your iPhone in 3 easy simple steps. Just select and click the desired mobile insurance plan above in boxes, as per the iPhone model you have and tenure you want. Fill the details ,pay the premium amount and send 1 invoice/bill copy of your iPhone and 1 pic.(NOT SCREENSHOT) of iPhone displaying IMEI No. on the screen to Once we get premium amount and documents, we will send an ACTIVATION email and activate your plan. In 7-10 working days you will get the policy documents on your registered email id.

  2. Why should I choose TIMES Global™ Insurance over insurance for my iPhone ?

    TIMES Global™ Insurance is India's Only Largest Online Platform for iPhone Insurance.We Provide 100% Cashless Insurance(excluding service & handling charges) against all kind of physical damage,liquid damage,Screen crack,display problem,camera malfunction and other malfunctions which are accidental in nature. Also we cover your iPhone from Stolen and theft.Also we pay 50% cashback on NO CLAIM case in 36 month plan and 25% cashback in 24 Month Plan of the third or second year premium amount.we have best reviews and most satisfied customers.

  3. What is the procedure of getting claim on any damage of my insured iPhone or in Stolen/theft?

    Once your device is insured it will be protected and covered against all kind of Accidental damage / Liquid Damage / Screen Crack / Display Problem and Lost/theft. Case 1:- Accidental Damage / Water Damage/Screen Crack/Display Problem or any internal Malfunction due to Physical Damage. If anything occurs then either call our relationship manager/customer support or email us at and we will arrange a Pickup and drop facility of your iPhone( In selected cities Only). Note- In a year Maximum 3 Claims are allowed in an interval of 4 months Gap and with 100%, 50% & 25% of the cost of the replaced part(s) per Year ). Company will not take claims before 10 days from Policy Activation date. In the Case of Stolen/theft Once you realize that your mobile has been stolen or robbery occurred,then immediately visit the nearest police station of the area and get the FIR (Don't forget to mention iPhone IMEI No.) and send the copy of FIR (Within 48hours) and a copy of closure report to along with your Bank Details. After a proper verification and receipt of complete documentation company may provide you the amount or another iPhone of the same make and model as per TIMES Global theft policy. In case of fully Damage or in non repairable condition. Company will not take claims before 10 days or recieving of Policy document, from date of activation of policy. We will replace the handset with a new one provided it will in non repairable condition.ALL CLAIMS ARE SUBJECT TO SERVICE AND HANDLING CHARGES. For More Information Please Call 011-65000444 or mail at

  4. My iPhone is older than 10 days. Can I still get a protection plan?

    Yes, as long as you can provide proof that your phone is currently in working condition.Even If your Mobile phone is older then 10 days.

  5. My iPhone is purchased from out of India and with different name on invoice. Can I still buy TIMES Global iPhone Protection Plan?

    Yes, Your iPhone is completly ELIGIBLE for coverage with TIMES Global.But in future if Replacement in needed due to any accidental damage then you will be provided Indian purchase iPhone.Best Apple iPhone 7 Protection Plan now Available In India. Protect Your iPhone with India's best Extended International Warranty in New-Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida-Ghaziabad-Faridabad-navi-Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore-Ahmadabad-Chennai-Kolkata-Hyderabad-Lucknow-Meerut-Kanpur-Surat-Gandhi Nagar-Vadodara-Baroda-Bhuj-Chandigarh-Patna-Patiala-Ambala-Ludhiana-Hisar-Rohtak-Sonipath-Jammu-Panipath-Kashmir-Shimla-Coachin-Madurai-Goa-Madurai-Nagpur-Pimpri-Rajkot-Raipur-Chinchwad-Nashik-Thrissur-Hubli-Dharwar-Kannur-Moradabad-Meerut-Allahabad-Hapur-Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jalandhar-Ajmer-Pushkar-Jabalpur-Indore-Agra-Varanasi-Bhopal-Gujarat-Bihar-Sikkim-Jhansi-Tundla-Haridwar-Punjab-Ranikhet-Dehradoon-Haldwani-Nainital-Ranchi-Bhubaneswar-Alwar-Aligarh-Kerala-Shimla-Uttrakhand-Dimapur-Aurangabad-Tata Nagar-Mohali-Yamuna-Vihar-Bulandsher-Latur-Anand-Agartala- all Croma Showrooms. Mobile Phone purchased from Germany-France-Washington-New-York-California-Australia-USA-UK-Dubai-London-United States-Europe-Canada-Sydney.